Should I go ahead and move out of my parents' house?

So, I’m 18 and I have my GED (I had to withdraw from school due to being sick a lot and I missed too much). A friend of mine who’s 19 wants me to move in with him to an apartment roughly 2 hours away and out of state, which would suit me fine. I currently have a savings account with around $200 in it, and a checking account with another $200. I have my own vehicle that I can use, also.

I love my parents and they love me but we really don’t get along that well. If I don’t talk to them or see them for extended periods of time we get along great, but on an everyday basis there’s some tension involved, for whatever reason (usually just conflicting personalities).

In a few days my friend and I are going to the town where the apartment is located to go ahead and apply for jobs so we already have them once we move in. I was a waiter at a restaurant for a while and easily made $70-100 a night, which is around 1/4th of the monthly rent I would have to pay, not including groceries or the sort. So getting a job as a waiter will not be hard for me as I already have experience, and as any restaurant manager knows, past experience is great to have as a soon-to-be waiter.

There is also a junior college located ~5 minutes away from the apartment where I can go ahead and get my core classes out of the way. Tuition for the junior college will not really be much of a problem either as I made a 30 on the ACT and I can receive scholarships. There is also the University of Alabama located 10 minutes away, which I plan on attending after a year of living in state, so I do not have to pay out of state tuition fees.

Plus the real deciding factor here is that I’ll be living on my own, with my best friend, able to smoke in my own house (I can’t smoke in my house because my mother has asthma and I have a sister who’s 10, so it wouldn’t reflect well on her).

I’m pretty much for the idea and my parents really don’t have any qualms either. I just want some outside, non-biased input.

Answer #1

yeah,youv got it all workd out.sounds good-go for it! xxx

Answer #2

I agree - it sounds like a good idea, and you certainly seem to have checked out all the angles. And if your relationship with your family is basically good, then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t continue to be - good luck!

(I left not only home but also the country just after I turned 19, and settled in Norway - and am still alive and happy)

Answer #3

yeah,youv got it all workd out.sounds good-go for it! xxx

Answer #4

yeah,youv got it all workd out.sounds good-go for it! xxx

Answer #5

yeah,youv got it all workd out.sounds good-go for it! xxx

Answer #6

Go for it.

Answer #7

I moved out when I was 18, I had a blast. Didnt have everything that I had back at home but it was a fun experiance.

Answer #8

I say give it a try. It sounds like you have everything together and planned out.

Answer #9

Hey make sure you have a job for sure my friend. When you sign that lease it’s a done deal. Its hard times getting a job out there or atleast a good one.

You should make a list of things you would need to pay for monthly or so and see how much money you will need (a rough estimate). Then when you have a clue how much your paycheck will be then you should really decide. Make sure you always have a bit of money left over every month. You never know what it might be needed for (Broken car, something broken in the apartment, Etc)

(I moved out at 20 when my girlfriend got pregnant. We live together. I pay about 90% of the bills and go to work and school full-time. Thank good I have a great job and am making some good money. It’s still tough)

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