How can i get my parents to like my boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating now a year. We've been the best couple in the world until I cheated on him once. My mom loved the other boy (not my boyfriend). So she made me and my boyfriend stop dating. We're still dating of course but she and my dad do not want us dating at all. I really don't know what to do to get them to start liking him and letting me and him date again. What can I do? Please please please HELP ME!!! I do love him seriously. Help us please.

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You shouldn't go against your parents wishes because you are a minor and they are in charge of you. Just sit them down and explain to them why you really love your boyfriend and all of the wonderful things about him. I'm sure if they're reasonable, they will give him a second chance.

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Ok you brought this situation upon yourself. If you loved him that much you wouldnt have cheated on him. But everyone makes mistakes, why you told your mother the situation is beyond me and why you are letting her now control your life and relationships is also beyond me. This is your life, if you dont want your mother getting involved dont tell her anything. All you can do is be honest and tell her you are dating and thats it.

How can I get my parents to like my boyfriend?
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Hmmm. Sit them down && talk to them.
If they love you, wich they do, they'll undertsand.
&& they should let you date them.

Lay this down on them,

Be like;

I love him.
&& I know I turely do.
If y'all can't except that,
then you've never been truely in love,
&& you don't know how I feel.
If you know what it's like to love someone,
then you'd let me be with him.
If not, then y'all don't really love each other,
&& are still in the middle of puppy love."

worked for me.
im sure it will for you.
&& it's true.

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