Should Gore debate?

Global Warming: Czech President Vaclav Klaus, who addressed the U.N. General Assembly on climate change September 24, is but the latest global warming skeptic to receive the cold shoulder from Gore. In ads appearing in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Times, Klaus has called on Gore to face him in a one-on-one debate on the proposition: “Global Warming Is Not a Crisis.” Earlier in the year, similar challenges to Gore were issued by Dennis Avery, director of the Center for Global Food Issues and senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, and Lord Monckton of Brenchley, a former adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. All calls on the former vice president to face his critics have been ignored - Should Gore debate ?

Answer #1

i think he should too - don’t know why he hesitates.

Answer #2

Yes he should debate !! ,Why not ?

The vice President has a strong case he needs to take on these skeptics,

We can see global warming on a daily basis,we don’t need any further studies,i’ts obvious

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