What; Help with debating?

So I debating against children HAVING to get drug tests in school..could you help me with some good ideas I could use in the speech, like why children shouldnt get thid drug test..thanx!! Xx.. :D xD

Answer #1

I would say “Would you rather see a 15 year old kid in the hands of a gang in the afternoon or a school?”

Answer #2
  1. Drug testing can not determine if the student is under the influence of drugs or have taken drugs at school; it is an indiscriminate test that also tests what happens elsewhere which is outside the jurisdiction of the school.

  2. Certain foods and over-the-counter medications can cause false positives.

  3. Many prescribed drugs are detected by drug tests forcing students to disclose medical information they have a right to keep private.

  4. Drug testing creates an atmosphere of distrust where all students are guilty until proven innocent.

  5. The money spent on drug testing would be better spent educating students about the drawbacks of recreational drug use and counseling to help rehabilitate those who are having problems with drug abuse.

Answer #3
  1. searches in the school must be based on individualized suspicion
  2. that the privacy intrusion is significant
  3. drug testing is not a proven solution to deterring illicit drug use
Answer #4
  1. The Constitution does not say that the right to due process is only for those above the age of 18.
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