Should gay couples be permitted to adopt children?

Should gay couples be permitted to adopt children? Please give reason/s if you choose yes or no?

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Considering how many heterosexual couples are not fit to have or raise children, and how many homosexual couples are, I would say it’s a no-brainer.

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Yes - if they are stable enough to raise a family they should be able to. Obviously they cant make a baby together so they deserve a permit to adopt.

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yes. yes. yes.

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Yes. There’s no substantive difference between a loving family with a mom and a dad and one with two moms or two dads. I think it’d be better if they were married, but then that’s another issue.

In exclusionary cases like this, the onus should be on the person claiming that there’s a reason homosexual couples shouldn’t adopt, just as we would place the burden of proof on someone claiming that, for example, people with blue eyes should be prevented from adopting.

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Yes, how else can they get their children.

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yes! why should anyone be deprived of something they realy want?

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Of course. There is no logical reason why not…

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One’s sexual orientation has NO bearing on their ability to be a parent.

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Yes - I’m sorry but I dont feel I have to explain why

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Yes I personally have a friend who lives on the state benefits and has 6 kids living in a pigsty (should probably mention I havent visited her in a while)

If she can have a kid why cant me and my partner?

Having 2 gay parents is better than living in care til you are 18 and having nobody in your life

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