Gay and lesbians what do you think???

Okay well im not gay or lesbian but I just wanted to know why gay and lesians can not get married. It makes no sense. Why should people who are stright find love and get married? If straight people can fal in love and get married, why cant gay or lesians? I dont get it. Just because someone is gay or lesbian doesnt mean something is wrong with them. It just makes them different from straight people thats all it is. Just like straight people are different from gay or lesbians. The way I look at it I personaly do think gay and lesbians should be able to get married. If they can date, why cant they get married? I have a boyfriend and we are both in love with one another. We are planning on hopefully oneday getting married and starting a family. If I can find love why cant they? And they way I look at the problem that lesbians cant get married and neither can the gay that makes life seem unfair. I dont think that law should last. But my question is what do you think about this and why? And if you agree with me what do you think we can do to help them, because its not fair???

Answer #1

sanral, not everyone believes in your god. You have a right to speak your mind, but you don’t have a right to impose your religious beliefs on them.

Give me one non-religious reason why gays shoudln’t be allowed to marry. Since we have aa clear separation of church and state, religious reasons are irrellevant.

Answer #2

It’s legal in some states in America. They are slowly legalizing it. But some states, like where I live in Georgia, it’s still illegal. Most states in the south haven’t legalized it probably because of religious reasons…which I think is wrong. Everyone, no matter their background should have equal rights.

Answer #3

if this is legal in other countries why not in america???

Answer #4

Where I’m from, homosexual marriage is legal and performed regularly.

I’m quite proud of our open-mindedness and acceptance of others.

Answer #5

I’m in australia and it isn’t legal here. They just gave us rights with centrelink, but only because its the government giving out money and they were losing out because they wouldn’t let us register as couples. grr.. hate discrimination so much

Answer #6

it’s legal here as well.

Answer #7

that is what God had in mind

How do you know what your god had in mind.

and thank goodness not everyone believes in him, then we’d all be as closed minded.

Answer #8

its hard on me and my girlfriend. im lesbian and we want to get married some day. we live in texas but will have to go to another state to get married. I completely agree with you. the only thing I could think to do is to get a very large group together and fight for it. I am all for that so if you decide to do that LET ME KNOW

Answer #9

It’s slowly becoming more legalised now. It’s certainly becoming more allowed now and more tolerated at least.

Answer #10

The only reason same-sex marriage is not legal is due to bigotry. No othe reason.

Answer #11

This is legal in Britain.


Answer #12

I think gays and lesbian have their right to be in the world. Whether it is morally incorrect that is up to them to deal with internally. I can not judge a human being because of his or her orientation. You have no idea what they might be going through. God is an all benevolent God, and he will restore them to their original form in the afterlife.

Answer #13

actually (this is not my answer) there is no legal or official sepparation of church and state so actually they can be rellevant

Answer #14

um well the original idea of marriage is to be with the one you love and have chilren with them and if every one became a gay or a lesbian there would be no people left in the world

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