Should fat girls wear skinny jeans

Hey I want you opinion on weather fat girls should wear skinny jeans ???

Answer #1

well personaly I wear skinny jeans and im oversized it depends on your shape and the way you hold your fat. if you sloppy fat then I say no skinnies for you but then you have sum females that are oversized but hold their weight good that when they put on a pair of skinnies they look hella good. hell even better than most skinny girls

Answer #2

OK well I am Large for my age 13 and 215 Ibs and I wear them! I say just do it! Why do you think that they make plus sizes for them?! I mean yeah I probably dont look the best in them but they make me feel good inside…I actually think they or sorta slimming…I dont see why it is so good to be skinny why isnt being bigger more beautiful? I have tried starving myself over all of the critisism that I get but I cant loose the weight so im just going to work what I have got!!

Answer #3

it makes your look uneven, I personally don’t like them but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear them beacuse of your size, I wear them and balance them out with some think leg warmers,

Answer #4

Im fat and I wear skinney jeans

Answer #5

Oh well, why not ? I dont see any problem with it. Everyone can wear skinny jeans. =]

Answer #6

how I see it is if you think you look good on somethin wear if you dont then dont just that simple liv life the way you want not how others want you too

Answer #7

Hey theirs nothing wrong with big body women wearing small size clothing cause they have the same right as any other to wear them too.Cause also look at it this way theirs small size skinny women who wear big clothes that just hang on them so what the H_!Its a free country.

Answer #8

Uhm, eww. I saw this fat girl the other day and her skinny jeans were clinging to her thunder thighs. Not a pretty sight. Just saying.

Answer #9

Argh… What should a fat person wear then, BAGGY CLOTHES?! >__>’ That’d make them even “bigger”… (Comment to some people above)

Yeah, if you (is that your case?) like it, sure. Since you’re happy with that, then cool.

Answer #10

HELL NOOO…skinny jeans are extremely unforgiving, so if you are chubby OMG nooo…why would you allow people the chance to snicker at you :(

Answer #11

I think it depends on how over weight the women are. I mean, just 15-40 pounds is okay, cause I mean, they can still look good. I wear skinny jeans and I’m skinny, but not like SUPER skinny. Cute fun loveable skinny. And I have over weight friends that wear skinny jeans and it makes them look really good. I think the shirt also plays a major role in the skinn jeans. Hey, that’ just my oppinion.

Answer #12

skinny jeans look good on no one!!! in my opinion… but what’s really cute is trying to make the bottom of you legs and your feet look bigger than they’re supposed to ^_^ same goes with the wrists and hands.. you can tell in full pics.

Answer #13

get on so what whos right to say weather fat or fin is wright I say aslong as your happy go for it life is way to fooking short my darling leannemarie england

Answer #14

I think its so stupid how they say fat people shouldnt wear certain things like forreal does everybody have to look how the media wants them to look or look like what the midea says is beautiful or a perfect person??? all those size 4 models? uhmm no.. I think all people are beautiful juss depends on dha attitude. I am a big girl or wateva you wanna call it and I honestly dont care what people think of me because their not god they ddnt make me and will not break me.. I get called names by my own fam do I cry bout it?? no does it hurt me ?? yea but I have learned to live wit it and not care.. nobodys perfect..:)

Answer #15

Is up to you if you feel comfortable then go on doesn’t matter what other will say it’s your life…and only if you feel comfortable…don’t wear it if you feel like tight cause later it will make you feel uncomfortable and it’s not really good for health too (wearing too much tight clothes)

Answer #16

Yes they can…they actually make skinny jeans for bigger girls. Anyone that says that they shouldn’t are stupid low life idiots.

Answer #17

me to I live in my skinnys lol I was just wondering if people did the same :)

Answer #18

Skinny jeans do not make you look skinny if your fat..

Answer #19

lol I likee you ^^^

Answer #20

I think every 1 has the dam right to wear the same thing that everybody wears. It doesn’t matter how you look 4rm the outside what matter is wats inside. just as your happy with it than go for it …no one is stoping you:)

Answer #21

Okay…look anyone can wear skinny jeans if they want to its not your choice to make fun of them or whatever!!! Its their opinion

So go ahead wear skinny jeans if you want

Answer #22

Big girls are beautiful. They can wear whatever the hell they want. :)

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