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Short story for english class... Please read

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Hey so here is my short story for english has to be this short, which kinda sucks but so here goes...

In estacada, oregon it was the last day of school for the students of the local high school. In flint, michigan a teen sulkily washed the dishes dreaming of the day he would be free of his parents. In quincy, illinois a flash flood advisory had just been issued. In maple heights, ohio a self consciously short organ donor drove his silver bmw through the winding back roads. He was missing his favorite tv show and he sped up, his soda fell onto the carpet of the new car. He cursed and leaned over to pick it up and he veered off the road into an old oak tree.
The man lay in the gray hospital room on life support, his wife slumped in a chair after just receiving the news that her husband was brain dead. The doctor had just posed a question that had once seemed so easy, if her husband wanted to donate his heart. Of course he did, she just could not bear the thought of him losing his heart. After hours of staring at his lifeless face she told the doctor that yes, they could end the life support and donate his heart.
The doctor smiled and assured her she was making the right choice and that the person who was to receive his heart was completely deserving.
A beeper went off in an apartment strategically located five minutes away from the cleveland clinic heart center. A 27-year-old status 1b, who suffered from cardiomyopathy, quietly got out of bed and changed out of her pajamas.
Five minutes later she was being driven to the hospital by a taxi cab driver who had no idea he was transporting her to a new realm of existence with a heart that actually functions, she could finally be who she always wanted to be. A nurse met her at the hospital doorway with a wheelchair. She obediently sat in the chair and realized that this was the last time she would enter this hospital with this heart.
After a blurry space of endless time she lay on an operating table, hazy from the drugs. Starting to go under…


She woke up hours later and felt as if she was in some kind of mystical dream world. “ hailey, you did incredibly well with your surgery. How are you feeling?”
“ dizzy, tired, but good.”, hailey said with a slight smile across her face.
“ good because your mom and dad are here.” the doctor gave a smile to the patient he had for years.
Hailey’s parents came in and were absolutely ecstatic and acted as any parents would act when their child was freed of a lifelong bond. Everything was finally going in the right direction for hailey smith.


Here would be an epilogue kinda thing about hailey or something...