Shoplifting over 2 months ago, could she get caught?

One of my friends shoplifted in a department store and got away with it, now shes really scared that somehow there going to be able to track her down, I personally have no idea what to say to her so is there any way she could get caught? And by the way she said this happeened over 2 months ago

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this happened to my friend once
and yes she got caught after like 6 weeks.
she went into victorias secret and got w/e she got
then left.
but one day she heard the ladie say over the intercom "our friends are here"
this really happened
my sister works there and she got to say it once

what they do is
take a picture of you stealing on camera
then save it for a time when one of the workers or a person recognizes you.

it was hillarious though
so if your friend still steals,
ill be glad to here about haha
naw but hope she doesnt get caught.

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the only way she can get caught is if someone rats her out other then that she can't get caught and get her to stop stealing because it becomes an obsession sometimes and then thats when you get caught take this seriously I'm speaking from experience

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no! But she needs to stop! that's a crime! that's almost like breaking into a bank and murdering everyone in it!! So tell her to STOP!! anyway good luck!! :)

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It's GOOD that she is scared. That way she will learn a lesson. At this point, with all evidence gone, the store would not bother to prosecute. And unless she were to go to them and confess, they probably wouldn't even know about it.

She needs to just not ever do it again. And if she is still worried, just don't return to that store.

Good Luck!!

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yeahh I know she promised me shed never do it again shes just always really scared like the cops are out to get her lol

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well she shouldn't of done you know. she'll just dig yerself deeper the more she does it. get her to stop yeah

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haha samee 4 mee .. but never got caught ! ha

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lol, if she made it out of there she's fine, and 2 months ago, no. your friend has nothing to worry about. Just don't become a clepto

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If she was so scared then why did she do it in the first place? She wont get cought now though so tell her not to worry, just DONT DO IT AGAIN!!!

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