How do I make my denim shoes white again?

I have a pair of purple, black, and white shoes. They are dominantly white but since there are other colours I cannot just go dumping bleach on them. And I also heard that washing Macbeth’s tear up the shoes. They are just a little dirty from wearing them and one has a tiny coffee stain on it. I have tried a tide pen and just scrubbing at the messy spots with soap. Any ideas?

Answer #1

Hmmmm…… let’s see. You could dab a little bleach on the areas that are dirty. Try not to get any bleach on the other colours.

Answer #2

you also can use white shoe polish or a mr. clean eraser sponge

Answer #3

I don’t think shoe polish would work, they are denim.

Answer #4

lol true

Answer #5

you could also try and soak them in a sink with the clorox for colors….so they dont get ruined and torn up….thats how they tell u to wash ur delicates

Answer #6

I know you said you’ve used a Tide stick, but have you used the Clorox bleach pen - same principle as the Tide pen, but it’s bleach (so you would need to be careful with the application.

Answer #7

pump cleaner stuff you can get for canvas feel shoes.. not sure if it would work the same for denim.. google it :)

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