What shoes with a black and white dress?

I want to wear a black and white dress what color shoe I should wear

Answer #1

I would go gold or some metalic color because but it depends where you are going to wear the dress you could even wear a bright color like red if its some fun party but if its seriouse like a meeting or something ,id go with black white or metalic. hope I could help!

Answer #2

I’d probably go for black because white shoes could potentially look tacky.

However, you could accessorize with a red bag and headband, and wear red shoes with it, and it’d look really funky!

Answer #3

Black. All the way.

Answer #4

black or white go fine xx

Answer #5

red shoes

Answer #6

A metallic, like gold or silver will really make an outfit pop. If you are on the bolder more hipster side I would go for a red. However if you are a fashionista patent black pump would be beautiful.

Answer #7

my dress is black and white what shoes would I wear

Answer #8

Red would look quite cool I think if you matched them with say a red necklace or other accesory I guess you could do the same for almost any colour. But playing it safe I would go with black or white/cream. Hope this helped x

Answer #9

I an wearing black diamonte sandals with my black and white dress, I am going to a wedding tomorrow and have been stressing out for weeks what to wear. I have bought a black diamonte evening bag and diamonte jewellery. Just to add a bit more colour I have done my nails red. I will let you know how it went.

Answer #10

ok you could be boring and do black, white, cream, silver… whatever. or be fun and do something like red or yellow or purple and where the same color jewlery to match!!

Answer #11

Black looks classy.

Answer #12

I wouldn’t choose any other colour for the shoes. Try to get a pair with a bit of both black and white.

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