does hair color makes your hair white(when they are black before)

I had only 1-2 grey(white) hair and my hair color is black as I am Asian. so just to make them look brown, I used hair color. I used it twice. bt after that I stopped for 3-4 months. now I see I have about 15-20 white hair. I doubt that because I used hair color, my hair turned white. also 2-3 hairs in my eyebrows are coming white every time evn after pucking them out.

Answer #1

a lot of my asian friends are 16-17 and they already have a good number or gray hair. I think its just inherited. don’t worry about it. Its natural.

Answer #2

to me it sounds like it’s your natural hair. some people’s hair turns gray or white before others.. some as young as 18!! but my hair seemed to turn more of a grayer colour after I’ve dyed mine, but for a few years.

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