why would you like to work here at denny's?

(help?) im filling out an applicatiion & they ask me this question but im kinda stuck on it ?

Answer #1

I…wouldn’t. Maybe you need to add more detail

Answer #2

is one of the questions in my application? i kinda need some help (:

Answer #3

Well answer it. Why do you want to work at Denny’s, it’s not rocket science. It’s your opinion they’re looking for, not ours.

Answer #4

you could put something as simple as, “Denny’s seems like the ideal job for me now.” lol.

Answer #5

Because i need money…

Answer #6


Answer #7

Well I wouldn’t personally want to, but if I was applying for a job I would say something like I want to work there because I would enjoy the friendly atmosphere, and would like the opportunity to use and further develop my customer service skills. I dont know. Make up something that sounds nice but not insincere.

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