She's my friend who needs some answers on weight any adivce???

Alirhgt im helping out a good firend of mine,

She has extrea belly fat and she also has a double chin and asked me how I stay so fit, and slim, but I have always been slim and fit so I dont know what to tell her. Does anyone here know how she can lose her weight without dieting??? Because I dont know what to tell her..

Answer #1

Yea it does depend but my brother was pretty fat and he had a huge dubble chin but after my family thought of walking togeather ( fast walking ) and we did that for an hour and my brother lost most of his dubble chin he look much better and fast walking also helps you lose some weight and that could help her belly also she could try to do half sit ups ( lay on ground and bend legs and all you do is left up until both your shoulder are upthen go back down and so on) I tried that it helps you get a six pack too but mostly she should stop eating at five thirty and then go walking for an hour hope that helps

Answer #2

Depending on how much she eats really, does she eat a lot, normal or not much? There´s various reasons for overweight, even some that people don’t think about. If she eats normal, it’s probably because she even move too little or have a low metabolism, which her doctor can help her with. If she eats a lot, well it’s given, however not many people know that you can actually become fat from eating very little. That’s my problem, I don’t eat very much and so the body stores whatever it gets. But if she wants a good advise then it would be, eat breakfast, eat a little at lunch and then a carot or crispbread around 2 and 4’o clock and then dinner. This is the plan I followed for about a year and I lost 10 kg, aka 20 pounds. Now, the reason I gained them again was because I got sick and then screwed up in my birth-control pills -_-‘

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