How do you get a girl horny without her wanting to do anything?

I have a girl coming over and she said that she might not be too horny so I have to help and I don't know what I should do to get her horny without her having to do anything?

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mhmm let her touch your
dickk,show her your abs,
and makeout with her.
rub her belly and get
real close,lick her lips,
and french kiss.
that always makes me horny;)

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She make out with her, tell her how bad you want her, I personally get horny when guys whisper in my ear or just do things where were really close and touching.

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just talk EXTREMELY dirty with her and tell her how much you need her and everything
that gets me horny ;)

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Most often, the initiative in the relationship between a guy and a girl comes from the guy himself. There are cases when a girl herself does not know what she wants and therefore provokes a scandal. In my opinion, only sex can solve a similar problem, the main thing is to look after your health, erection is very important in a relationship. If there is a problem with this, there is a very good site that can help . I hope such difficulties will not occur for many years. I wish you success!

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does slapping a girls but make her horny

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