Religions And Your Opinions About It

If someone has already asked a question similar to this, then I am sorry—

I am just wondering, what are your thoughts about the religion that existed in this world? I am not asking you to say that one religion is better than the rest, I am just wondering. I am a Moslem, myself, but let’s just say I’m an open minded type of person.

No bashing other religions, please.

Answer #1

oh okay, well I didnt know that lol. but ussually, here in america its spelled muslim

Answer #2

yeah, I know. lol go on youtube!! theres plenty of people who explain it XD plus its theres! ya know?

Answer #3

im Christian, and I truly believe that God is our Savior and Lord. Amen! woo!! lol.

Answer #4

its spelled Muslim XD lol.

Answer #5

It’s Muslim

Answer #6

Suddenly all of the answers here are either answering my confusion with how to spell Muslim/Moslem, or answering my question regarding if there was a buddhist.

but none really answer my original question.

I am asking about your opinion about your/others religion; not the reason why you chose that religion.

For example: This is my opinion about my religion.

I am not really a person you would say to be, devoted to my religion. Since I am born with that religion, I suppose I have a much less devotion than those who are originally from another religion then transfer to my religion. True, I have committed endless sins, and to put it bluntly; there are other religions that somehow fit my lifestyle more than my original religion. But still, I have no intention to change to another religion, because in my opinion; Islam is (in my opinion, remember, I am not bashing) the most sensible religion than the others (remember this is only an opinion). But that doesn’t make me want to convert others to join Islam, because I believe that each religion is connected to another.

And that is an example of a religion opinion.

Thanks bou, for pointing it out ^_^

Answer #7

I dont believe in any religion becuas for ME I dont perrssonally believe theres enough evedence to prove any of it exists if it does exists then yr ill think about it but until that happens im a complete 100% atheist

Answer #8

I know, I said im catholic and I love it, and firmly believe in it.

but if your going to be muslim, at least spell it right you know? lol. im not religion bashing at all, just… grammer bashing?? haha I don’t know. just spell your religions name right mmmk? :]

Answer #9

Im Catholic, and I firmly believe in it.

and im not sure, but I think yuu spelled muslim wrong lol.

Answer #10

im Catholic but im starting to doubt it cause all religions are the same basicly

Answer #11

I am an Assembly of God – christian

Answer #12

Even I am confused on how to write Muslim; is it Muslim or Moslem :P.

Answer #13

Errhmm… I was asking about your opinion regarding your religion ^^”

Answer #14

Let’s just say I am not exactly a saint in my religion :P. Perhaps that’s why I am much more open to learn the history about a religion.

I was hoping I could find a Buddhist :D

Answer #15

oh! if you want to take religion history there are online classes for that, its very informitive. You could also look up “buddhism” on youtube, and you can find some info.

Answer #16

Well you see, I want to know about the religion from the person who is a believer of the religion itself. It is much more realistic ;D

Answer #17

I’m a Christian whose Salvation was paid for by Jesus Christ on the cross, John 3 : 16, says it all, Amen !!

Answer #18

I have no religion, and I think that’s fantastic.

* Even I am confused on how to write Muslim; is it Muslim or Moslem :P.

Both spellings are correct. They are both phonetic translations of the Arabic.

Answer #19

“I was hoping I could find a Buddhist”

You’ve found one…and here is another:

My religion is right for me because there is not one thing involved in it that makes me wonder if it’s right. All the ideals suit me, and all the beliefs suit me. My religion makes me feel happiness, not fear or the need for redemption.

And, by the way - Moslem is a variant of Muslim…you didn’t spell your religion wrong.

Answer #20

Is it just my imagination, or did some(if not all) people here not get the question?

Answer #21

I don’t catagorize myself in any religion. I believe in A god or multiple gods, not the christian ‘version’ of god, but A god. I also believe in the buddhist style of living and the Buddha’s teachings.

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