Treseme shampoo and it says to use everyday?

I have treseme shampoo and it says to use everyday , should I use it everyday ?

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no I do wash my hair everday but I heard it wasnt heathly

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No, you have to use shampoo every other day, and condition daily.

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It doesnt necasarily means "use everyday" it just means it's an every day usage shampoo. Some shampoosmare formulated to only use say once a week, like pick up treatments. But most are every day ones likes yours. Just wash it when you would normall wash it don't go out of your way to do it as it's not what it means. Beth.

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Last time I heard hairdressers recomended a wash every two days. But you know what people are like now a days. One second somethings good for you and the next it's not. Scientists are always changing there mind about what good and bad. Also everbody differs.

Just wash it when you personally feel it needs washing. Looking a little greasy- give it a wash. Looking ok- leave it.

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it is fine to wash your hair evey day
depends on each person and how greasy/dry their hair is
do it when you like. I wash mine every day and it always looks good

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