How to find out if sex offenders live in my neighborhood?

Does anyone know of a site I can check to find out if there are sex offenders in my neighborhood?

Answer #1

I think you can also to to google type in your zip code and that should tell you you may need more info but you can find out that way . My boss gave me a website once but I forgot it sorry hope you find your answer.

Answer #2

I have a sex offender that lives in my neighborhood and he lives .06 miles from a school I was wondering if as a citizen I could post his picture to other people. the school is aware but wont tell any parents

Answer #3

look them up by zip code

Answer #4

i think this site is just for california, but theres

Answer #5

Yeahh,That site up theres good. I used it, Theres 2 within the closest 15 miles not too bad. =]

Answer #6

Right here. First up on google.

Answer #7


Answer #8

I don’t think their names are allowed to be given freely to the public. If you have any worries contact the police.

Answer #9

where i live they list their picture, their names, and their address, and they can’t live with 1500 feet of playgrounds. they should put notices up in their yard telling everyone dont let your kids around me.

Answer #10

Being a mother of a offended child,and was glad to see so many sex offener finders, there is neighborhood safety,it is free free free and yes will show photos and the actual charges,also meagans law is great…but please be aware sex offenders are not only in your neighborhoods but in families,friends, is never too early to teach our kids to tell. I have a hero and she was three years old when she told on her twelve year old cousin…its a shame minors get slaps on the wrist we need stricter laws for these kids who hurt other kids…

Answer #11

God, I must live in freakin Rapeville. So many dots. Im not going out without a pocket knife and pepper spray now.

Answer #12

OMG there are a lot where I live but anyways you go to that site up there, that “rnealw” posted! Good Luck WithThat!

Answer #13

wish they had something like that in the UK… i lived with someone for 6 years and then found out he was on the sex offenders register… and i had two young children and the police and courts knew he was living with me… scarey or what.

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