Why. I didnt bleed after sex or find it painfull on my first time?

Me and my boyfriend had sex but I didnt find it sore and didnt bleed but we did have sex properly and we continue to do so but nothing in pain wise like I told there would be… It got sore to sit about 2 hours later but it only lasted about half an hour ? Is that normal/ok ??

Answer #1

it is possible you already have stretched your hymen enough so that you didnt feel pain. I mean, I’m still a virgin but I do know that I’ve stretched my hymen enough that it’s not going to hurt my 1st time and I’m not gonna bleed to much.

Answer #2

On a TV show or something I heard that it’s not suppose to hurt if the girl is really on and that when the girl is not really turn on or relax it hurts so maybe you were very relax and on.

Answer #3

when you have sex sometimes your brain blocks out most of the pain I had the same type of issue when I lost my virginity It hurt really bad when I did but afterwards it hurt even more

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