How do you have better sex with a guy who's too big, too rough, and lasts waaay too long?

(it hurts! I want to make him happy but an hour in I’m just like.. stop too much and then we’re both sad) (also, what’s a way to get a guy off quicker if he’s extremely long lasting?)

Answer #1

This sounds like every girls dream guy. Whats the problem? But maybe he is lasting too long because its too often and he doesnt think its special anymore. If you made it less frequent he wouldnt last as long.

Answer #2

Agreed the frequecy cud change things

Answer #3

no that’s not the case, it’s just part of who he is I’ve only been able to get him off once in the several times we’ve fooled around, but that’s normal for him apparently. And bigger isn’t always better, that sht fckin hurtsss.

Answer #4

Try differant things like maybe role play, and ur right bigger isn’t always better, u must know wat to do with it, that’s the key

Answer #5

A LOT of lube, and foreplay.

Answer #6

It could be a good idea to try different positions. Some might hurt you less than others, but you have to go slowly when trying, because some might hurt you more. This could help with the long-lasting part of it as well, although I wouldn’t really know. If he’s being too rough, you have to tell him that it hurts and have a safeword or some way for him to know if he has to stop.

Answer #7


Answer #8

Now sure that would work, some people sound that way when it feels good.

Answer #9

ughhh but now he just thinks I such at sex because he can’t work me the way he wants. D:

Answer #10


Answer #11

Tell him!! Talk and tell him that it hurts, most guys last in order to please the girl, if the girl tells me to finish…i finish…lol, so communicate, if he cares about you he will listen, if not, then you don’t want him anyway…

Answer #12

thats true…

Answer #13

I had no problem telling him lol. he just told me that it was my fault

Answer #14

Sorry, but he sounds like an ass…it is not your fault, you know that, you like it gentle and he likes it rough, he has to chill out and be gentle.

Answer #15

This call for anal. Haha jk :P that doesn’t even make sense xD

Give him a handjob, problem solved.

Answer #16

Ain’t some girls’ dream guy. Not mine. Rough is no fun when the guy is too damn big >.<

Answer #17


Answer #18

what? thats downgrading!

Answer #19

I can’t just give him handjobs forever..

Answer #20

it’s not that I don’t like it rough, it just feels like he’s trying to break me

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