Does sex hurt when a guy has a big penis?

Does it hurt when a guy’s penis is big and you have sex with him for the first time?

Answer #1

I just started having sex with my B.F and his penis is HUGE. Im still getting used to it since im a very small person(im 5’0) and yeah it does hurt, but i enjoy it……………………………..;)

Answer #2

yea it does hurt. but it doesn’t hurt for long. it’ll hurt when you first start having sex with him but eventually it gets better. and feels really good.

Answer #3

Only if you are very tight for that big penis. Be careful.

Answer #4

yes , a lot, but it starts to feel better when u have more and more sex

Answer #5

how huge and can you still feel good from a normal size penis?

Answer #6

it hurt me for a while, (not real bad). You just have to take it slow and get used to his size.

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