How do you know if a girl wants sex?

I am 14 and I was woundering if any one can tell me how to know if a girl wants sex? -j

Answer #1

dude trust me on thisss… PLAY 20 QUESTIONS WITH HER AND SLOWLY SEEIN HOW FRREEKY SHE IS… btw thats how I got it both times and I just turned 15

Answer #2

The best thing to do is just to talk about it, sex is a serious things so it’s not something you should or shouldn’t assume from signals. If you have a girlfriend and would like to take things to the next level simply ask if she’s ready, don’t make her feel pressured about it.

Answer #3

she will generally prolong sessions of sexual activity..

try to talk about it. in order to have a good relationship you should be able to talk about things like that

Answer #4

I agree with Intense. You really need to make sure that you are ready emotionally, and most people are not emotionally ready when they are in their 20’s.

Just please wait for a few more years.

Answer #5

Well if you guys can get alone then, just kinda kiss her and if she starts getting into it, than kinda (I know it sounds kinda weird but) lead her to the bed than keep kissing her kinda get on top of her, and just kiss her and if she still is into it then go to her neck, lick down her stomach, than start to undo her pants, look at her and see what she’s doing, if ages fine (eat her lol) kinda get her in the mood then, you start undressing and then you know what could happen from there. Coming from a 14 year old lady myself! Hope I helped. Message me tell me what happens if you want. <3shellie babe

Answer #6

it’s good question for everybody without concidering ages. you should have a careful & slow movement from the very scrach,which means from kissing then slow movement to her breast use some lubricants to feel her better enough, don’t forget to listen her sound & her breath will sometimes brake then go to down town don’t forget to use a lubricant see her eyes, I hope she closed it it seems she is dead Oops !! now is the time to get a condom to have a safe sex, BECAREFUL DUDE okay ?

Answer #7

Yo dude listen the easiest way to have sex is to get a girlfriend..and 20 questions only works if the girl starts it..believe me I have tried hit it and quit it the success ratio is way higher when you promises a relationship..and be willing to wait it will come..and as much as I hate the c word you have to use them for you and your significant other

Answer #8

I know I sound old when I say this (which I’m not, im 23) but is anyone else bothered by these kids wanting to have sex? I didn’t have sex until I was 16 and even then I thought that was young. If you do have sex make sure it is SAFE!

Answer #9

I’m 14 too. and I like it when the guy takes control. you have to make the first move and I think if you have already started off the night and everything is going well and when your having fun in bed start to take out a condom and if she stops you and says don’t worry about it we arent having sex then its not your night, but if she doesnt stopp you then that means she might not be all for it but shes not against it. haha I hope this helpss. but remember not every girl is the samee!

Answer #10

“dude trust me on thisss… PLAY 20 QUESTIONS WITH HER AND SLOWLY SEEIN HOW FRREEKY SHE IS… btw thats how I got it both times and I just turned 15”

That’s called being young, stupid, and hormonal. Not smart.

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