Why does she love sex with me and doesnt want anyone to know?

The girl I am seeing loves to have sex but doesnt want anyone knowing we are having sex what should I do is she playing me?

Answer #1

No I dont think so a lot of girls are embarrased to say they are not virgins and are afraid of what people will think. For instince im not a virgin and the guy I fucked with is very goodlooking and I like and care for him very much but im not gonna go around announcing it because im shy sbout that and only a few of my close friends know so dont think shes playing you and have you talked to her about it Hope I helped hey can you answer my question since your a guy you may be able to know where hes coming from thanks! :)

Answer #2

It could be a validation thing for her. She wants to feel the bond and intimacy but not the burden of a relationsho

Answer #3

I dont think that is evidence that she is playing you. I guy saying he had sex with a girl is a lot different then a girl saying she had sex with a guy. Its more of a plus for you guys, but not so much for our reputation. On the other hand, if you have other reasons to think she is playing you then that could have a lot to do with it too.

Answer #4

Do you feel like she is? I mean meaby she is a little shy, all you need to do is ask her I mean we don’t know how your situation is so you can only know that…


Answer #5

Good question. Your gonna have to decide this on your own. Figure out if she is shy with these types of things or possibly one of those people who care way to much about what others think. It’s all on you. Good luck

Answer #6

she might think people would consider her a slut depending on yalls age

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