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I think my sex drive has gone overdrive? Help?

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Okay - long story. I'm 13 and have never had a boyfriend but for some reason i am now obsessed with sex. Recently, i could not go to sleep, so i (don't know why) stuck my finger up my - you know (hello! i am a girl) and felt around. Ever since, my - you know - has been oozing a water-like substance which smells awful. It will not go. Also, I have been looking online at girls with too-short skirts and no underwear - i don't know why. I have then followed the example of these pictures and gone to school dressed like this - too short skirt and bra - to school. I have also considered (properly) breast implants, even though i'm in a D cup bra. I have been only dreaming of being chained up and sold for sex, then when I wake up, first i will stick my finger up my - you know - and then stiffen up and pretend i am being forced to have implants, and then have sex. I now feel like I desperately want sex even though no boys have showed any signs of liking me. I cannot tell my parents about this as they would flip, and I could not go to a doctor or psychiatrist. Please help.