Can depression lower your sex drive?

ok well me and my boyfriend have been having sex for several months now and I used to have a good sex drive as it were but over the last few months its gone down quite a lot and im only having sex to please my boyfriend but its getting increasenly harder to do, but I as I have deppression could that have something to do with that and if so how do I explain to my boyfriend that I dont want to have sex at times , im not sure how you can tell a guy that all of a sudden you dont want sex ? xxx

Answer #1

Yes, it does lower your sex drive. Also, if you are being treated for depression, several of the drugs used to treat it will further reduce it. Ask your doctor about switching to one of the ones that don’t hinder your libido as much.

Answer #2

some can. of course depression can reduce it too. what are you on?

Answer #3

Yes depression lowers the sex desire..And also sex diverts your depression if you change your mood towards sex…Sex is the best medicine for depression..

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