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Ok heres what happened: I woke up this morning and sneezed. the next thing I know, blood is pouring (literally) out of my nose! I run to the bathroom and empty my hands into the sink. I proceed to bleed there for about five minutes, and then I grabbed a washcloth to try and stop the blood. I wore out two entire washcloths full of blood, no exaggeration! It was so bad that not only was it streaming out of my mouth, but that passage that connects mouth and throat was also giving a steady stream of blood! I was gagging on my own blood!! I looked in the sink after hacking another blob out (the first couple times I swallowed it but then it made me feel kind of woozy) and I poked it because it looked dark, and it was like jiggly and put together, not runny like blood should be!! I didnt have my contacts in at the time, so they all could have been like that, but I didnt see them. I tried laying down, and I only coughed on my mouth blood!!! I finally stopped it by putting extreme pressure on my nose and breathing out of my mouth, and then when I felt it slowing, I started breathing into my nose and out of my mouth but when breathing out, I reapplied the pressure. that seemed to do the trick. when I was done bleeding, I put my contacts in and looked around. the toilet was full of blood, like as blood red as real, unwatered blood! The sink was also full, and the floor and my hands, chest, arms, chin, lips, and the area between my nose and mouth was all covered in blood!!! I looked like I just killed someone, especially if you looked in the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and went to type this. what can I do next time to avoid losing so much blood? I honestly estimate about a pint)

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You should not lie down when this is happening. You need to keep your nose above heart level as you would with any bleeding injury. Have you been to the doc about this? That is a pretty severe nose bleed, def not normal. I used to have really bad ones too before I had sinus surgery. They told me to tilt my head SLIGHTLY back and apple pressure to the bridge of my nose. But that was for me, your's may be different. I would contact a doctor about it.

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If you have a brown paper bag if you take a good size piece and fold it up and put it on your top row of teeth up in your gum and tilt your head back. It works for me.

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is it hot where you live? I guess the blood might have come from the heat at night.
try to find a way to cool down. next time as soon as you see blood coming out keep your head up pinch your nose and breath through your mouth, also lying down might help a bit. there isnt really anything to do about the huge amount of blood...

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dont keep your head up you can die from it

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um PLEASEEE see a doctor ASAP. Also when you say you saw blobs that were dark and jiggly, those are blood clots. This is your body's way of stopping blood flow- by clotting. Be very careful about sneezing until you see your doctor. This is very dangerous as if you lose a lot of blood you can go into hypovolemic shock. I hope you get better.

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This happens to me all the time. Just not as severe. It also ONLY happens through my left nostril. I researched this and there are some ways that this is caused by. Stress, Dehydration, and Hot climates (like overly hot). Hope this helps. BTW: I panicked the first time this happened to me. My birthday. Not good. Vanilla Cake + Blowing out candles + Blood traveling towards Cake = BAD party. P.S For me, putting my head a little bit forward helped stop it. It also didnt go into my mouth as much.

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