Want to get my septum pierced, in all honesty, does it hurt?

Okaaayyy. So, I want to get my septum pierced. Tell me in all honesty, does it hurt? I’ve had my right nostril done for about a year now, & that didn’t hurt me too bad. But if I get the septum, I’ll take that out. & I also have my monroe done & it didn’t hurt at all.

So someone tell me if the septum hurts?

Answer #1

I had my septum pierced, and it stung a bit, and you have to be careful (you know when you rub your nose sometimes and you don’t even know your doing it, when you have your septum done, you notice lol!)

but I had mine done, oh, 15 years ago??? and it’s fine, it’s not too painful (certainly less than my clit lol, but it’s all fine, I would say it hurt about the same as having my nose pierced, maybe even less…you just have to get used to having a bit of metal through your nose…can dig into the cartlidge of the nose if rubbed to aggresivly!

but I like my septum piercing, I only have a few piercings left, I can still get a 1.6 through it, and it’s been 12 years since I last wore jewellary in it all the time!

yay for the septum…very discreet and ALWAYS a surprise lol! :)

Answer #2

well. I remember that my friend and I decided that we wanted piercings. haha, so we went and got a piercing needle. I did my smiley. and she did her septum. she did it herself , and she is like a sissy girl. haha and she said that it didn’t hurt much at all. I’ve also talked to other friends about it. and they said the same thing. so not out of experience, but from whati have heard from friends, it doesn’t hurt much at all.

Answer #3

ohh thanks you guys:)

Answer #4

septum is the least painful of all nose piercings.

Answer #5

mys septum didnt hurt a bit!!!

but I did it myself :] and I used iceXD but it just felt like it was pressure and then POP! it went through!

Answer #6

Thanks from me too :] I plan on doing it myself and this info was helpful.

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