does it hurt to get your septum pierced? /:

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Answer #1

Uhh. To answer the question… I guess it depends on your pain tolerance. For me it didn’t. The cartilage in your nose is thinner than that of your ear if that helps.

Answer #2

It depends. Everyone has a different pain tolerance. It didn’t hurt at all for me, the most painful part was marking it. It’s guaranteed that you’ll tear up though due to the nerves in your nose. And it MAY bleed a bit, I only had specks.

And well unlike what imprudent said, they don’t pierce the cartilage in your nose, if they do they’re an idiot. They’re supposed to pierce the ‘’sweet spot’’ which separates the upper and lower cartilage in the nasal cavity.

Answer #3

It depends on how well you can handle pain. It won’t be unbearable so chances are you’ll be able to handle it. People tend to be a bit over dramatic when it comes to stuff like this so don’t pay any attention to any horror stories you hear. As long as you have it done professionally and properly care for it, you won’t have any issues with it.

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