Send someone a cheque dont get what brough wot do I do?

What can you do if you sent someone a cheque and its Cleared, and the’v not sent you what you brough within 3 weeks what can I do about it? is there a way of geting my money back??

What if I sent them Cash?.. and they didnt send me what I brought, coul di get my money back? Im just wondering for my own safety

Answer #1

I did that once, sent cash. They didnt send me what I wanted and I got on them about that. Call if you can and ask where in the world is your product or tell them to send your stuff back. If you sent a check, do they same thing. If you bought something off of ebay, send them an email, tell ebay what’s going on, and give them a negative rating.

Answer #2

Really, there isn’t much you can do other than nag them and complain publically. You could sue them, but it’s probably not worth your time, and the scammers know that.

That’s why you should never use checks or cash to buy from someone who does not have a strong reputation (ratings are not the same as reputation). Use credit cards or Paypal. They have built-in dispute resolution mechanisms that would get you your money back.

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