How can someone send me money with paypal?

My friend is trying to send me money through paypal but i dont know what to give her because i only have my debit card on there for when i buy stuff online, i am SO confused, can someone walk me through what to do? She said something about a donate button she can use but someone told me i cant because i just have my debit card.

Answer #1

i might do,

Answer #2

All they need is your email, when they have sent the money you get an email saying the money is ready to collect. Just sign into paypay, to confirm, then you can either spend online, or click on transfer to send the money to your bank account. It will bring up a form to fill in to do it, and will talke about 3 days.

Answer #3

You should be able to - check out on the PayPal blog:

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