How do I sell something on ebay or craigslist if I don't have a pic of the item, and do I need a credit card.....?

Also, does it cost anything to sell it, like if someone wanted to buy the item, do I have to pay to get it to their house through the mail? it’s large and would probably cost a lot to send. Also, after I make an account and post my ad, how to I check if someone wants to buy my items, do I get an email?

Answer #1

ebay = it costs money. craigslist = free. No credit card needed, etc.

And yes, with either one, you’d get an email.

Answer #2

Alright, thank you so much!

Answer #3

Still what about if the person wants to buy it, and they live a little ways away…will I have to pay to ship it to them?

Answer #4

With ebay, yes, depending on how you setup the auction. With Craigslist, most of the time, you’re selling to somebody that lives near you, so you wouldn’t ship the item.

Answer #5

oooh ok, thank you so much, quick random question…Are the how-to’s working? :)

Answer #6

craiglist =] its easy u just put a description of the item u want to sell since u dnt have a picture…

Answer #7

o also with craiglist u can put ur number so they can call u n pick up the item or come see be sure to pic a place near you

Answer #8

yes is good You can go look at this site. They will give you a good proposal (

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