How do I buy things online without a credit card?

I want to buy a bracelet online but I do not have a credit card or a paypal and im 16 so I was wondering if there was any way I could still purchase things online?

Answer #1

I don’t think you can,

Answer #2

awww ok well if you have a bank account you can set up a paypal account

Answer #3

the site only accepts paypal and credit cards… :(

Answer #4


Answer #5

Some sites will accept a certified cheque, but they won’t send you the item until they receive their money.

Perhaps you know of someone who will place it on their credit card or paypal account for you?

Answer #6

you can use debit cards too

if you go to the site selling the bracelet they will list their excepted payment methods

Answer #7

I buy stuff online and I don’t have a credit card; transfer money from your bank account to paypal, not everywhere accepts paypal but most places do.

Answer #8

Use a debit card. or buy one of those debit money cards at fredmeyers or whatever you local store is, it’s like a debit card gift card except that it will work only for a short amount of time to use the money and you can’t refill it, but it’ll work online to buy things I do it all the time.

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