Self concious problems please help :(

When youre feeling really selfconious and think your ugly and thats why people are ditching you and life isnt working… What do you do to make yourself feel better..

Answer #1

If people are ditching you, then it’s most likely due to your negative attitude than your looks

People tend to avoid people who bring them down

Turn on a positive attitude and you’ll see things will change for the better

Answer #2

Glabalabadooie! I’m an idiot! Smiling yet? Maybe? Blushing? I’m just messing.

I used to feel so selfconscious about my appearance so I started pretending to act like I was the hottest girl in school . just by walking with my head held high and just a tiny bounce, ya know like how super models walk? Haha, and it worked! Also, when I get out of the shower I kind of watch myself in the miror a lttle and smile at myself. Seeing someone smile right at you, (even if it is youself )helps a lot. Or you end up laughing if you make a funny face. Be comfortable with yourself!

Answer #3

Focus on the things you DO like about yourself. like maybe you’re are having a bad hair day well then just think about how adorable your outfit is. remember that looks aren’t everything and they are not ANYTHING worth feeling bad about. put on a smile and kick up the happiness a notch. being happy makes you prettier on the inside and out. (:

Answer #4

Trust me, if you’re anything this side of Rosie O’Donnell, you’re attractive. Every woman is not perfect for every man, but believe me, there is a guy out there somewhere who thinks you are perfection! You just need to be patient and he’ll find you. Meanwhile, keep up the personal hygiene, dress neatly (not like a fashion model, but not like you’re working in the city dump), keep a pleasant, positive attitude, and one day soon you’ll get asked out by a nice guy. Remember, guys are sensitive to rejection too; they get rejected a LOT by women. And don’t try to “play” guys; we HATE that!! So, don’t be too judgmental when a nerdy guy asks you out. He could just be “the one” for you! Patience is your best virtue here.

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