Embarrassing problem :[ please help asap

Ok well I am suppose to start my period at the end of next week, but about two days ago I went to go pee and I noticed I was bleeding down there, so I took care of it with a pad and just thought my period was starting early or something. Well when I went to go pee again, I noticed I wasnt bleeding anymore at all and its been about two days and I still having started back up yet, so is it normal to bleed randomly like that? Or is something wrong with me?

Answer #1

If you’ve had your cycle for over 2 years and have always had it at the same time, you shouldn’t be irregular and should go for a doctor’s visit. If not, then it’s just an irregularity. Periods vary in length according to how much you’re eating, how much you’re exercising, stress, and many other components. Don’t worry if you are irregular, I’ve had mine for eight years, and I still can’t predict it. Fortunately I work out a lot so when I do get it(I can go two months without) it’s very light and can last as short as one day.

Irregularity can cause problems when you’re (way) older if you’re looking to start a family (nothing with infertility- just that it’s important to know when you’re ovulating).

If it starts to bother you, just ask your doctor about birth control pills to regulate it.

Answer #2

well my period has never been on time, it always come when I dont expect it, but I have had it for more than two years, so did I just have a random short period? And does this mean I wont have another period this month?

Answer #3

Since you are only very young I’m assuming you havent had your period for very long. If this is the case it can take a while for it to settle down into a regular pattern, which is nothing to worry about. You body is just adjusting.

Answer #4

I think its fine. I have had my period for almost 6 years now and I still have no clue when its gonna come and go:-p

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