Why do you think schools dont let students sell stuff on school property?

i dont understand why we cant sell stuff. its not like we are hurting anyone by doing it. not physicaly or mentally. its not like pple are offended by selling stuff. it would be one thing if the school was selling stuff and we couldnt sell because they were afraid their items wouldnt be bought, like any other public place but thats not the case.

Answer #1

i ment sell not solicate i accedently put solicate then put sell and i forgot to change it

Answer #2

Because then the school isn’t getting profit. If the school was selling coke for $2 and you were selling it for $1.50, then people would buy it from you and the school wouldn’t get any profit

Answer #3

The school is liable for anything and everything that happens on school property. If you sell something that someone doesn’t like later, the school has to deal with the issue when you don’t want to give their money back. If someone manages to steal your money from you, the school has to deal with it.

Answer #4

ok i get it, but wat if the school isnt selling anything?

Answer #5

that makes sence, but i still dont agree with it

Answer #6

Then it’s probably because of what nochniysvet (sp?) said.

Answer #7

srr if this sounds syupid but wat does that word mean? and wat does sp mean?

Answer #8

oh never mind

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