How can my school search my stuff?

This is in the past, but I have just recently been thinking about it. The head of my school heard a rumor that I had weed, so my school had a fake fire drill and had us go outside, when I came back in, my stuff was gone and they called me in to question me about the weed. Isn’t it unconstitutional of them to search my stuff like that?

Answer #1

You could have got em done, they have no right touching your property, if they had worries they should have had cops and sniffer dogs come in not send a fake fire drill and raid your property with out your concent!!!

Answer #2

According to a 1985 Supreme Court ruling, so long as they have ‘reasonable cause’, you and your possessions can be searched on school grounds.

Answer #3

hmm I see thanks for the answers, and to ctsurf, I had my pipe with me so I couldnt use my sock

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