Do you think it is wrong to talk to a school councelor?

I was just wondering because I went to talk to the school councelor about a family problem and after school got out I e-mailed him and accidenty left my e-mail open and when my mom went on the computer later that day she read everything and is telling me that it is not safe to talk to a school councelor or a friend because they might think that it is something totaly different. Is this true?



Answer #1

your mom is wrong, and she obviously know either she or you is doing something wrong, but know that your mom and you probably will have to talk to the counsler together

Answer #2

I think your mom is very wrong and if you need someone 2 talk 2 I wouldnt listen 2 her I would just go! If your friends and the counselor think that your talking about something different just really explain it 2 them!!

Answer #3

its not wrong your mother has also invaded your privacy by reading it a counsellor is confedential they wont tell anyone else about your problems unleess its causing or is going to cause harm to you or someone so you should feel free to talk to them and let out whats bothering you also talk to your mum about whats bothering you (even if its her) you need to adress the porblem and talk about it before it can start to be fixed

Answer #4

well in my opinion dont talk to a school counselor because there ARE going to be people wanting to know about this guys day so they might incorporate that they helped you out with something and if the thing was really bad to say they will always tell someone about it!! please dont tell a school friend who is going through the same thing!…if you need guy advice go to another guy for help and same with a girl!! you dont want your stuff getting out! and maybe your mom could help you! but if your mom is the least bit embarrassing dont have her help… it will ruin your chi!

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