Why don't the schools where i live let kids wear the "i heart boobies" bracelets ?

It supports breast cancer, why shouldn’t we be aloud to wear it. O.o

Answer #1

while it may be breast cancer awareness could be that the school might want to avoid anything that might sound sexual in nature and keep it out of schools even if its beneficial to the awareness of the general public

Answer #2

There doing that at a lot of my schools too! They think your being provocative and sexual. They don’t seem to get its for breast cancer. But at some seven elevens here, they have “save the tatas” whitch they say is less sexual then boobies. whatever! Haha

Answer #3

I only wear them because like a bajillion people in my family are breast cancer survivors. -.- It’s not sexual, one of my teachers even wears one of them. The dean friggin cuts them off & watches you throw them away.

Answer #4

I agree with Manuel Abreu.

Answer #5

In all seriousness, who is actually wearing them to support breast cancer? I bet if they sold pink ribbons, school kids would wear them for a day then be over them. It’s just the fact that the bracelets say boobies on them that makes kids want to wear them. Yes, there are people that really do support breast cancer and good for them. It’s just that half of the school wouldn’t be wearing them if they didn’t say boobies.

Answer #6

LMAO “I heart boobies”? I’m sure your school does think that sounds kinda sexual. Even I think it sounds sorta sexual even if it does support breast cancer

Answer #7

YES IT’S AMAZING I HAVE TWO. :D LOOK IT UP ON GOOOOOGLE. It’s not suppose to be sexuallll, it’s breast cancerr gosshh. D:

Answer #8

It still sounds wrong but I just have that kinda mind. I sure in hell wouldn’t wear a bracelet saying that and stop being so damn defensive about it. I get it you like it. Not something to freak out over just because someone has a different opinion

Answer #9

I was kidding chill. O.o

Answer #10

my MIDDLE school onyl doesnt do that, it started as brest cancer awarness (with the girls) but then boys started getting them nd it evolved into something stupid.

Answer #11

I think that’s kinda what happened here. But where i’m from i’m not surprised.

Answer #12

my school doesn’t let kids wear those, or those silly bandz. They don’t let us wear much of any rubber braclet

Answer #13

well my friend had a i love boobies one and i aks ifn i can get one and she gave it to me and now i have 6 of them

Answer #14

well my friend had a i love boobies one and i aks ifn i can get one and she gave it to me and now i have 6 of them

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