Where can I shop for school clothes?

where should I shop 4 school clothes? Do not suggest Wal-Mart going to 7th

Answer #1

If you want to get noticed by us guys shop at girly places like american eagle, aeropostale, and hollister

Answer #2

Sears, J.C. Pennys, Lord & Taylor, Urban Outfitters. Good online stores are PrepSportswear.com, Brooks Brothers.com, Goody’s online, izod.com. I have purchased clothes from all these stores, and believe you will find them to be of good quality.

Answer #3

I suggest A.J. Wright. They have brand named clothes.Their prices are so great.

Answer #4

Heyy im goin into 7th too! There are a lot of better stores than shopping at WalMart. Here are a few: Aeropostale,American Eagle,Hollister,and Abercrombie.

Answer #5

DEB, Urban Behavior, Khoals, claire’s, and Areo Pastel is awsome stores, have fun 7th grade is soo much fun! im going into 8th, heyy maybe you can add me as a friend thnx ~HANNAH~

Answer #6

Im going into 8th so.. there’s areo pastel. Jourines. old navey or order of online

Answer #7

Consider going to “Discovery Shop”. They have great and very stylish clothes there and for a very and i mean very cheap price. the only thing that sucks is that they dont have any fitting rooms so you kinda need to go home try things on and then go back to the store and return it if it doesnt fit. But i’m telling you girl that store is AMAZING and you’ll find alot of cool and hip stuff there. Try it!

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