School clothes shopping

Name all the best places for school clothes shopping ? I onley have 500 $ to spend on clothes so like it cant be like 80 $ for jeans …

Answer #1

Well, you can always go to a thrift store (like the salvation army) but other stores that have great sales are: Maurices-normally expencive but I got the distressed jean mini for 6.25 yesterday. Aeropostle normally has good sales, but not everything has good quality. Hollister and abercrombie are very expensive, and I would normally stay away, except Hollister has good sales sometimes. Wet Seal has some weird clothing, but some of there products are amazing! They have 5 Dollar racks with pretty cute items on them. You can also go somewhere like kohls, walmart, etc. Hope I helped you!

Answer #2

try forever 21 they have really cute clothes and they are not expensive at all I love that store!!! your soo lucky you get to go clothes shopping for school I dont I have to ware a uniform to school.. ewww I hate it…lol

Answer #3

I’ve never heard of dot or debs idt they have one in va ?

Answer #4

Target Wal Mart Gabriel’s TJ Maxx Dots Old Navy Deb’s Forever 21

Answer #5

Marks & Spencers :)

Answer #6

Forever 21 Dots Macy’s Walmart Target Old Navy Deb Limited too

Answer #7

Jc Pennys Pac Sun Zumiez Anchor blue I think

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