Taking the bus

My mom will not let me take the bus! Its pissing me off! I want to take the bus to school so badly! But she says no because “they dont have seatbelts and the drives are bad” ugh! How annoying is that!!! Im more scared of her driving! I take buses on field trips and those are longer rides then the whole 10min from home to school.

What can I do to convince her to let me take the bus??

Answer #1

legally every bus should and is supposed to have seatbelts if thers no seatbelts in it, the veicle isnt roadworthy or safe so if it has seatbelts, tell her it also saves her petrol money because she wont be driving you to and from there you can always get a friend who lives close to you to walk you home you can socialise a bit on there, ect if theres a bus stop near your home then its also a good idea

Answer #2

I have found that only one tactic works with my parents when I need to change their minds. if this doesn’t work after 2 months give up, it aint gonna happen.

the tactic is this, just keep asking. bring it up whenever you can, drop hints. sigh every morning and if she asks you what’s wrong say I wish I was on the bus today. just wear her down to the end of her tether if you can.

if this does fail remember that if the worst thing in your life at the moment is that you can’t get the bus don’t feel too bad, it could be worse and buses aren’t that great. you often have to sit next to or near smelly people.

Answer #3

You could tell her it will be saving her gas. :)

Answer #4

ok andrew theres no need for you attitude! im taking a normal yellow school bus. they dont have poles. but some9including the one for my stop) has seatbelts. and its a school bus they are no kids smoking on it!

Answer #5
  1. The city bus sucks we did nothing but smoke cigarettes in the back and torment the driver

2.everyone get’s there license because they hate public transportation,

  1. I wish my mother would have driven me to school…

and 4. to chelseypeche this is one of your good memories?!?!?!

Answer #6

to amazinggxp… I highly doubt that if the bus collides with say…a brick wall! that you holding on to the pole is really gonna make a difference in whether you live or not :)

Answer #7

yeh id tell her tat its a good way to socialize with kids that you wuldnt normally get the oppurtunit to socialize with. Thats how it is for me then expain that teh seats are close enough together that you dont need seat belts and that if people thought ud get hurt they wuldnt have made the buses the way they r. I don’t know ask her that and tell her that you have to drive and a car when your not in school and that you want the chnce why u are in school but its not that excitin really kids get on my nerves o the bus yellin, scremin and thinkin tat they are all so dang cool

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