What was your favorite school year?

Mines was 1998 when I was in 3rd grade OMG it was so fun…I had the sweetest teacher named Mrs. Baker. Our regular school was remodeling so we had to take the bus to another school everyday and we did so much art in that class (I LOVE ART!) like this one STRING ART thing, if you know what it is.

It’s like where you get a needle and poke through the paper connecting the number and it becomes a picture or letterings.

And the homework was great because we’d get a packet each Monday that’s checked every friday but due the NEXT Monday and I think that is so much more awesome than getting work done everyday.

FIELD TRIPS were fun too of course… (sigh) good times.

How about yours???

Answer #1

5th grade. I got in the most trouble, it was the most fun, and I accomplished alotta things in that grade.

Answer #2

I loved 3rd grade!! also 6th

Answer #3

10TH Grade I had switched school districts, It was the bomb high school year for me.

Answer #4

9th grade was the best. We all just screwed around the whole time.

Answer #5

I loved 3rd grade too! I also liked 1st grade, 4th and 6th;)

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