Do scars on legs usually bulge?

Do they darken? How do I make them stay dark?

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Depends on how deep they are? I had a pretty deep cut on my leg about a decade ago and yes it kinda 'bulged' as you put it for a long time, but it eventually went down. My scars are usually lighter than my skin, I dont know why it would darken?

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why would you want to make it stay dark? thats impossible . And some of my scars become near white but a few stayed deep purple for about a year

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Excess scar tissue is called keloids.

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they wont bulge nless theres a scab or scar tissue from when it healed. other tha that it could be a vericose vein. i have no idea why you would want a scar to stay dark hough. they stay dark when theres bloodtrapped in them while there healing or if its a deep scar that pierced through a few layers of skin

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