scared to go to the mall

I used to shoplift but stoped once I got caught over a year ago. I havent gona back to the mall since and barley go to any other malls or stores. The reason is beacuse the dectectors still go off sometimes even thou I havent stolen anything. someone told me maybe its just karma. I really would like to be able to go back to the mall and live a normal life again. Does anyone know why this is happening or have any help?

Answer #1

lolz no but you shud continue with your life even tho da dectors still go off!

Answer #2

are you alone when you go to the mall?

if yes, go with your friends so that your fear will lighten up a bit. if noo, your not alone.. talk with them your bffs are sure with you..

it is maybe karma.. but you’ve learned your lesson now the karma will go away. believe in yourself

Answer #3

Just go, most likely your mind is just playing tricks on you, and you might as well be outgoing and just do it! You’ve left your life of shoplifting, so everything should be okay!

Hope I helped :)

Answer #4

it’s called association. it’s like teaching a dog to drool when he hears a bell or teaching someone to be afraid of the color white by making loud noises when you show them a bunny rabbit.

the only way to get over it is to recondition yourself.

you have to go to the malls and stores and go through the detectors. after you do it enough and nothing happens your fear should subside.

Answer #5

It’s not karma, those things go off randomly all the time, I understand that it must suck that it happens to you but just stick it out and you’ll come through.

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