is it ok to be scared of the dark?

is it ok to be scared of the dark?

Answer #1

There’s nothing wrong with fearing anything. We ALL have fears no matter what age, sex or nationality you are. It’s life. Don’t worry about it. I admit, I still don’t particularly like a dark room when I go to bed.

Maybe keep a light on outside and have the door open a jar so light can pass in. Every night close the door a little closer until there’s no light at all. Fears are best turned around step by step.

Answer #2

It’s ‘OK’ to be scared of anything - no one should judge you. We all have different fears, even if we don’t always let other people know it.

Today many people would say that being afraid of the dark is irrational - but way back when, when our Neanderthal ancestors (whom we resemble VERY closely) were wandering around, the dark was a dangerous place.

Of course it can be impractical to be scared of the dark, and you can try to work on that - go out after dark with a really good friend, just sit down somewhere quiet, and let the stillness sink in. But don’t feel ashamed of your fear!

Answer #3

fear is in everyone. but fear could be overcome too.

tho I’m not afraid of the dark, I still have my cell phone’s LED light just to dimmly light the room everynight. just so I could see if I were to wake up

Answer #4

yes its ok to be…for years I was scared of the dark..but one of my friends made me sit in my room for five mins in the dark…and thats how I got over being scared…

Answer #5

yes it is ok to be afraid of the dark… as susila said…try to over come this fear by geting a friend to sit in the dark with you and let it break in

Answer #6

yeah its okay to be scared of anything. im scared of dragonflies!

Answer #7

It’s a fear you can overcome. Don’t watch scary movies.

Answer #8

im scared of the dark lmao, I sleep with a lamp on

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