What are the characteristics of a satanic murder?

Yea… A bit of a grim topic. But I’m wondering, because there is this story circulating in the media the past week, about a guy who was apparently murdered during a satanic ritual. What exactly are the characteristics of such a murder? Because the police said it was a satanic murder right of the bat. How did they know? What gave it away?

Answer #1

I have heard of a bunch of satan worshippers stabbed there sacrifices to the devil 666 times. upside doen crosses. grave digging.. some 1 dug up a buried girl and ate her heart. use of skulls for ceremonies. usually if they are satan murd3rers they will announce it proudly. usually they murd3r to make sacrifices to the devil.

Answer #2

In the 1980’s and 90’s many conservative religious groups, psychologists, and sensationalist talk show hosts promoted the theory of widespread Satanic abuse. Some psychiatric patients through controversial and now widely discredited therapies became convinced that they were victims of Satanic ritual abuse. While it is true that people can disassociate traumatic experiences therapies devised to recover these memories are more likely to latch on to the patient’s imagination rather than long repressed memories. While there are no doubt crazy people out who kill for all kinds of crazy reasons there are no widespread ritual abuse conspiracies as was alleged decades ago. There are still families that have been torn apart by such allegations and innocent people still in jail who were prosecuted during the height of this modern day witch hunt. There are still people who refuse to give up on the theory of widespread Satanic ritual abuse do their religious, social, or psychological biases but everyone else it has been discredited.

Answer #3

this is a matter of opinion and religious beief.. if someone said they did it cuz the devil told them to then who is to say thats not true… some things i have heard of ppl doin sound so horrible that i can only believe that this is beyond human ways,,, its sick… also if u surround urself with those kinda ppl who worship the devil ur just askin for trouble.,, opening the door for u to become either mentally insane or for the devil to trick ur mind.. which ever way u wanna take it.. evil minds could be controlled by thr devil… or maybe not.. who knows. but somethings are just to horrible for me to believe that they are just crazy. just my belief

Answer #4

Thanx for the reply… Some of the characteristics you speak of in your answer is in the murd3r that is circulating in the media. The body was found in a shallow grave in a graveyard with the head, one arm and a foot missing. The police found the missing parts in the house of the alledged murd3rers along with several buried cat bodies. The skin of the victims face was peeled off. Very grusome and people are very freaked out.

Answer #5

A “satanic” murd3r is mostly cowardly done. Like a “hit and run” thing. We had a few of those here in Norway some years back; people just walking up to a stranger, stabs him a few times and run away.

Answer #6

man wat the hell.. that is just sick.. this kinda thing makes me really believe in the devil and God becuz thats just to sick.. like people will say oh he had a chemical imbalance in the brain.. i dont care wat they say it is i think its controlled by somethin we dont see. craziness.. fkn weirdos.

Answer #7

I actually had a personal experience with this witch hunt you are talking about. This guy came to our school in 1999 and gave a Judo demonstration… Advertising his Judo club. My teacher freaked out and gave us a lecture on satanism, saying that Judo and meditation is satanic… and other such nonsense. But the reason I ask this question is because when looking at reports of other alledged satanic murd3rs, they all differ. Wouldn’t ritual k!llings have the same characteristics? So how do you know when it was an ACTUAL satanic murd3r?

Answer #8

The ritual elements exist in the minds of people who believe in that sort of thing. I remember one case publicized as a “Satanic” killing because the body was mutilated and genitals removed. it turned out that wild animals had been eating the corpse. People who believe in a demon filled world look for anything that supports their worldview.

Answer #9

ew weird…well yea that can be possible but most likely will be known its an animal… there are people who do do satanic murd3rs tho.

Answer #10

It’s not often a true satanic murd3r is done these days. A lot of Satanist don’t even believe in Satan as a physical deity, they believe in him in a more symbolic aspect. Note that people are sick. It doesn’t always take a Satanist to make a sick murd3r scene. There’ve been plenty of grotesque murd3rs that top the one you just described and he ppl were not of Satanism. But to answer your question, I suppose it depends on what the person was trying to achieve. One of my family member’s ex daughter in law was involved in a Satanic murd3r. The person was disemboweled and either an inverted pentagram or cross was carved on the victim. Though I honestly believe that those people that commit killings in such fashions aren’t doing it becuz of some “religion”, rather they’re just seeking attention or are just sick & twisted and have fun doing it. Though I wont deny that there may be the few that may actually do it in a true Satanic way, though I highly doubt it’s as wide spread as the media makes it out to be. For instance, the murd3r you described just sounds sick rather than satanic to me.

Answer #11

Suzaan: do you have a link? I tried googling and didn’t come up with anything. Are you sure this isn’t something you heard through word-of-mouth or from a chain email? Angel: that is exactly what stories like this are intended to do; make you believe more strongly in God and Satan. Very few of these stories pan out. I have a born-again friend who hasn’t seen a chain email she hasn’t forwarded and I’ve investigated a few of them and they always turn out to be bogus.

Answer #12

well imma believer :) just me……….but i believed way before i heard about these stories. ppl may think its weird of me to believe but i dont see y. this world is amazing who knows wat else is there we dont see. im pretty sure this isnt all of it. maybe im wrong maybe im right. but either way it made me a better person. i dont no wat u mean by chain e mails. i wasnt talkin about a chain e mail.. ???

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