What would be a good but unique theme for a dance?

I don’t want to do a theme that been over used like a decades dance. I was thinking an old school 90s block party but I’m looking for more ideas.

Answer #1

a night in Antarctica.

Answer #2

Cavemen times :)

Answer #3

LOLZZ Ryan shud go then:p

Answer #4

Why? D:

Answer #5

cuzzz his picutre!

Answer #6

Moroccan night.

Answer #7

ooh spicy latin. i think right?

Answer #8

yes. :)

Answer #9

Who is up for Shanti Vibes…

Instead of doing the reg routine…Go Shanti! instead of sitting on chairs throw down a whole bunch of pillows. Instead of a whole lot of lights on…dim the lights and add a blue light! Also you can get a few of the shanti longs that you hang up on a wall & it glows under the blue light.really awesome.

Instead of reg music can use shanti music…

have mid eastern finger food rather then order pizza…

Funmail me if you want some more ideas.

good luck.

Answer #10

dante inferno

Answer #11

Tropical Fiji party

Answer #12

around the world in one night mardi gras alice in wonderland type theme

Answer #13

lol my names virgil. :)

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