Russia...with or against?

So what do you think of russia’s problem??? And are you with or against it???

Answer #1

In general, Russia’s leaders are returning it to its Communist roots.

Answer #2

Russia HAS been slowly returning to it’s Comministic roots since Putin has been in power (now, he’s the Prime Minister). In his former life, he was a KGB agent until the early 90’s…so it wouldn’t be particularly illogical to think that at heart, he’d promote the Communistic idealolgy…ya think?


Answer #3

his myopic view of USA = good Russia = Bad amblessed you’ve been watching too many James Bond movies…

Answer #4

Which problem are you talking about? Right now, Russia is having the same problem as everyone else. Their stockmarket is crashing after receiving news about the US bailout bill’s failure.

If you’re talking about Georgia, their actions are obviously aggressive and uncalled for. Then again Georgia’s president is no prize, and NATO has been forcing Russia to accept its expansion for years. It should be no surprise Russia’s neighbors are now facing its wrath.

Answer #5

what do you base that on, amblessed?

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