Who can explain Napoleons war against Russia to me in their own words?

I just need to know the basics, but some detail is good aswell. Please! :D

Answer #1

OOHHHH OHHH I KNOWEWWW Im 14 and i learned this last year!! =) K Mr.Shorty is from France and is know 4 being short. He wanted to take over Russia and started in the spring which was dumb because the time they got they the Fall was ennding and Winter was starting. And Russia is know for there harsh cold Winters. Also the Russians found out around Mr.Shorty and his army coming soooo they burnt all of the crops and killed all of the animals(not in there area)soo Mr.shorty woulnd have anything to eat.And Mr.Shorty also come in with over 1 million soilders.Mr.Shoty is now in Russia and has lost like idk 10% of his men.Well it’s winter. And Mr.Shorty is at the capital of Russia but it’s burnt down and no one is there,cuz they knew he was coming and left. Then he gets attcked and loses like 1/3 of his men.Now Mr.Shorty is trying to get out of Russia!!! And all of his men are drying.SOOOOO guess what?! He run aways with out them!!! what a great leader!!! Anyway Mr.Shorty comes back to France with an ego shorter then him and less then half of his amry comes homes. -_- ain’t that F**ed up!!! But one day Russia is gonna blow us up!! Us=USA

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