How can a 13 year old run away?

How can a 13 year old run away

Answer #1

easy if you get tired of your parents hasselin you pac your bags and go to a person that you can trust.

Answer #2

If you run away you will be picked up by the police, taken into custody and there is a very strong chance you will be placed in foster care. Once your in it takes a really long time to get out. At your age, foster care isn’t easy. There are not many homes willing or able to take teens. You will likely not be placed anywhere near your home county meaning you will have limited chances and time to see your family and will likely never see your friends. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think running away would be the best choice.

Answer #3

If you are being abused, go to an adult you can trust, like a teacher, neighbor, police officer, or a doctor and tell them. If you are not being abused, suck it up. Life on the streets is not fun. Why don’t you camp out in your back yard with only supplies you can fit in a back pack. Then picture doing that indefinately or until you learn to be a prostitute to be able to eat. There is no such thing as Never Never Land.

Answer #4

if your having to ask how to run away you need to grow up first you will never survive in the real world

Answer #5

dont do it. its not worth it. believe me

Answer #6

dont run away because your young and people will take advantage of you and if anything happens to you…well you know. you should start by talking to someone about how you feel and why you think you feel that way, sometimes talking to someone else gives you another point of view and helps ease the pressures of life….:)

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